It’s Not Easy Being Green

Days 14 and 15 or the piñata challenge and two piñatas are completely done! Here’s Mark’s frog: This frog is daring you to hit it. It’s so adorable. DECORATING PINATAS The challenge with decorating piñatas is covering up all the newspaper. It is more difficult than you would think, especially with the ones we want to paint. It took a half a can of spray paint … Continue reading It’s Not Easy Being Green

Piñatas and Yard Sales. Days 11, 12 and 13

I’ve been spending most of my time decorating the cute little Pegasus unicorn. I’ve listened to a whole book on CD while I worked on it. I’m using a method that I learned from a friend from Mexico. I probably won’t use this method on any of the other piñatas because it is so time intensive, but it is my favorite method. You fold the tissue … Continue reading Piñatas and Yard Sales. Days 11, 12 and 13

Piñata Challenge Day 6 and 7

Is someone messing around with time? So many fun things to do, so little time. The last two days of the piñata challenge has been spent mainly in preparation. You can’t see a lot of progress looking at the piñatas, but we’ve been busy getting ready to decorate and put together the last five piñatas.  The latest addition to the 20 piñata list will be … Continue reading Piñata Challenge Day 6 and 7

Day 5 of the Piñata Challenge

Paste, paste and more paste. I pasted for hours again today. Tomorrow I’m going to take a break and start on the decorations. That will be fun for me and a little more interesting for the blog than pictures of shredded newspaper. The Perfect Pumpkin Shape We’ve been brainstorming how to get the perfect pumpkin shape. We started with a punch balloon. They have a … Continue reading Day 5 of the Piñata Challenge

20 Piñatas in 20 Days – Day 4

After several hours this is what I had on my back porch. About the Burrito A while back I picked up a couple of very sad reindeer from a clearance rack to ‘upcycle’. Mark thinks I’m cheating, but I think I’m saving the environment. Here are the little reindeer before I started my torture. Only one will become a burro. I’m going to make a … Continue reading 20 Piñatas in 20 Days – Day 4