Haunted House for Sale (Just in time for Halloween)

We finished one more pinata in our smack ’em and whack ’em project. This one is the haunted house. We  are having fun using up old boxes, long-stored paper, and some new punches Paula got at a yard sale. When you’re making a run-down old haunted house, things can be slanted, off center or slightly tattered and it just adds to the effect.  Cool, huh? Continue reading Haunted House for Sale (Just in time for Halloween)

The Sweet and the Creepy

I finished two more pinatas. The spider and a pumpkin. Look at this creepy picture of the spider’s face. I really did find pictures of spiders with eyes all over their heads. GROSS!Here is the finished pinata. As I’ve mentioned before, shipping the pinatas is a problem. I made this spider so his legs can be unattached for shipping and the customer can quickly attach … Continue reading The Sweet and the Creepy

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Days 14 and 15 or the piñata challenge and two piñatas are completely done! Here’s Mark’s frog: This frog is daring you to hit it. It’s so adorable. DECORATING PINATAS The challenge with decorating piñatas is covering up all the newspaper. It is more difficult than you would think, especially with the ones we want to paint. It took a half a can of spray paint … Continue reading It’s Not Easy Being Green

A Little Behind in My Work

What did the butcher say when he backed into his meat grinder?  Well, I got a little behind in my work also. Remember the donkey and unicorn pony? Look at their behinds. They are way too flat. So I decided to give them a little bum..p. Here they are after some reconstruction. These guys are almost ready to be decorated. The little things that look … Continue reading A Little Behind in My Work