Succulent and Blush Wedding

I consider these wedding flowers to be LUSCIOUS, which means richly appealing. very physically attractive. I’m always glad when my brides have such good taste and choose such gorgeous flowers. Here’s a little of my process and photos of the luscious flowers. First, I consulted with the bride and showed her several combinations of blush and succulents we could use. These are the flowers she … Continue reading Succulent and Blush Wedding

Royal Blue and Sunflower Yellow

I never realized that blue and yellow could be so stunning together until I was asked to create these floral designs for a wedding. This is the ‘Blaze Collection’ named after the delightful bride who commissioned the pieces. Blaze Collection ________________________________ It took some creative thinking to figure out how to add the novelty handle to the bridesmaids bouquets. Here are some photos from the … Continue reading Royal Blue and Sunflower Yellow

Dragon Pillows

These delightful pillows are the work of granddaughter, mother and grandmother. My granddaughter is in love with dragons and drew these dragons when she was 8 years old. The grandmother, that’s me, adapted the dragon for embroidery and colored and embroidered the little guys. The mother, Catherine, created the patchwork design and sewed the pillow. The color and shading on the dragon is done with crayons and set … Continue reading Dragon Pillows