About Us

Thanks for checking out my blog. My name is Paula Soderborg and I love to be original. I have a zillion project going on at the same time. Those are the ones in my head. I have a half a zillion project in progress in my workroom. Etsy has given me the chance to focus my creativity and let others see and maybe buy my creations. I love Etsy and hope you will check out my shops.

My SouthcastleCreations is full of beautiful floral pieces. I design bridal bouquets and flowers for wedding or any occasion. I also have some delightful creations, such as pinatas, designed by my husband.

Love’s Banner is a new shop. I will be featuring original needlework and patchwork. There are a few items in the shop already and there will be more.

Our Name and Our Family

The SODERBORG family, headed by Mark and Paula, has always liked to put things together in new ways. Our name says a lot about us.

Soderborg =South Castle in Swedish.

It could mean South of the Castle, we’re not sure, but we prefer to live in the castle, not in a little hut on the south side. ‘Creations’ because…. who knows what we will come up with next.  Take the giant hamburger pillow Mark made. Not sure where that idea came from.


He also likes to make frogs.

Frog Pinata

Paula likes pretty things, like flowers.

Or flowers with spiders. Who knew there would be a demand for Zombie Prom corsages?


Follow us to see what else we come up with.

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  1. Hi im trying to purchase a big quantity of your corsages..but was unable to change quantity amount..please inform

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