Succulent Centerpiece in Funky Vase

My daughter asked me to make a faux succulent centerpiece and gave me free reign to choose the container. She was a little surprised when she saw what I picked out.

Funky Vase
Funky Vase

She couldn’t imagine how it was going to turn out, but I had great visions. It was going to be lots of fun.

I started by adding foam every place where I could imagine succulents rising up or draping done. I glued the foam to the container and covered it with green excelsior. I then spent several days adding all kinds of succulents. I carefully chose succulent with contrasting shades and textures.

Variety of Shades and Textures

We found the perfect small pink rosebuds and pips. They look so pretty with the sage green eucalyptus. My favorite combination.


It looks so pretty from above. And so interesting and different from every side

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So there you have it! An Eclectic Succulent Centerpiece in a Funky Vase…….


… me!

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