My Signature Bouquet

Of all the bouquets I do, this is the one I love best. I consider this my signature bouquet. I love the peach and sage green colors and the texture of the succulents and seeded eucalyptus. This bride was so sweet to send me photos from her wedding. The photo above is the cascading bridal bouquet lined up with the bridesmaids’ nosegays and kissing balls. The rocks make the perfect backdrop for the bouquets. I especially like the natural ivy at the bottom of the photo.
The next photo is just my kitchen counter, but the flowers are still beautiful. I start my bouquets by taking bunches and stems of faux flowers and snipping off the blossoms and greenery I want. I then rewire every piece. I gather my favorite pots and vases and as I finish a piece I put it in a pot. It makes me happy to see all the masses of colors come together.

IMG_00177 copy

I like to take photos again before I send off the flowers. This is my favorite part, seeing my creations all lined up.  Aren’t the kissing balls fun.

Here’s the darling bride showing off the bouquet and her blue shoes.

blue shoes

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