Coral Rose and Succulent Wedding

These wedding flowers were a joy to make because I am so in love with the colors and flowers. The succulent bouquets with the seeded eucalyptus are my favorites but they are very difficult to make. Especially the cascading bouquets. Here are some of the cascading succulent bouquets I’ve made.

The succulent chicks and hens are very unyielding and need to be padded so they don’t smash the other flowers. I provide a background for them with seeded eucalyptus. That means cutting up the artificial eucalyptus into small sections and wiring them together. img_00048I also wire all of the other flowers. This probably takes longer than making the bouquet itself. Here are all the piece lined up, awaiting assembly. I always end up wiring much more eucalyptus. I wire the greenery around the base of the chicks and hens to support them and give a little cushion for the flowers. The white orchids were especially difficult and I put lots of padding around them. They look so pretty with the purple succulents.

When I started the coral and sage bouquet, I decided I needed a new method to make sure I was getting the right shape. I thought of all the things that might have concentric circle and came up with the idea of a pastry mat. Here’s my invention.

It was very helpful. Here you see all the little bundles of greenery lining up to do their job.

The mat was useful in making the nosegays. img_00067I just plopped them into the hole to check the shape. Here they are in various stages of completion. After I got a perfect circle, I wrapped them with a gorgeous coral ribbon. I made 5 bridesmaids bouquets, the cascading bridal bouquet and many boutonnieres and corsages.  Here are the flowers from one of my favorite weddings.



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