Royal Blue and Sunflower Yellow

I never realized that blue and yellow could be so stunning together until I was asked to create these floral designs for a wedding. This is the ‘Blaze Collection’ named after the delightful bride who commissioned the pieces.

Blaze Collection

It took some creative thinking to figure out how to add the novelty handle to the bridesmaids bouquets. Here are some photos from the process.


This is only a part of the flowers that I used. I had to go back to the supplier several times to get more. IMG_00067

It took a long time to wire and prepare all the flowers, but I loved being surrounded by all the colorful awesomeness.

processThe bride sent me these novelty flashlights to be used as part of the handles. I had to figure a way to attach them securely to the bouquets. I found a long, blue plastic pipe/tube at the hardware store. My husband cut it into the right lengths and drilled holes into the pipes and the flashlights. I wired the flashlight and threaded the wire through the tube on one end and a rose on the other end. Then I added few more flowers in the tube and then on the outside of the tube.


After I got a beautiful shape on the flowers, I covered the floral wire and tube with a bright blue satin ribbon. I have to admit…. I was a very clever girl!

See the Blaze Collection in my Etsy shop

Blaze Collection

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