Nosegay Bouquet Centerpiece

IMG_00237I love it when I get to work with fresh flowers. A good friend ask me to do some centerpieces for her daughter’s wedding. The colors and the flowers were all my favorites. I was in Flower Heaven.

My friend gave me examples of how she wanted the centerpieces. She was using mason jars that she had decorated and the cute little pails above. The only piece that I was worried about was for a gallon mason jar for the book table. The photo she gave me to follow was a round, hand wrapped bouquet. The stems were all tied wrapped together with a piece of lace and you could see it through the jar. This was going to be a challenge, making it big and round with fresh flowers.

Silk bouquet – much easier

The first problem was making it round. I’ve only made nosegays out of silk. I wire everything so I can bend them where I want them. You can’t do that with a fresh rose.

The second challenge was making it big enough for the gallon jar. I only had one or two flowers that were tall enough, and since I would have lace around the stems, I could only have a few inches of water in the jar. So all the stems needed to be long enough to reach the bottom and be in the water.



I calculated how tall it should be, how much water I could use, and how much space I would have between the water and the top of the jar for the lace. Then I mark the measurements with tape on my work table.

Next, I had to figure out how to keep the flowers fresh, since most were not tall enough to reach the water. I decided to use a wet foam bouquet holder with a straight handle.

I added a dowel to the holder for support. Next, I added some  artificial stems to help hold up the foam.The artificial stems also helped make it wider. I wanted a nice bunch of stems on the handle of the nosegay. I taped the stems to the holder and the dowel. I used green floral tape at the top since it wouldn’t be in the water and clear waterproof tape at the bottom.

IMG_00147Next, I added greenery to cover the foam and get the right shape. I picked out a really nice bunch of gunni eucalyptus.It was just beautiful with small leaves. You can see I had two containers with measurements to help me keep track of the height and to hold this very tall bouquet.

After I had the foam covered, I added stems of the eucalyptus to the cover the artificial stems. Then I started adding the flowers to the foam. That part was easy. I just had to be careful to keep the shape round.

The lovely flowers that my friend picked out were pink spray roses, yellow and orange proteas, coffee bean, white ranunculus, peach tiffany roses and adorable yellow billy balls. I threw in some pretty pink stock as a filler. Once I completed the flowers in the foam, I had to worry about getting the stems of the rest of the flowers the right length. IMG_001877The stems of the ranunculus were not long enough and I really wanted to use them. I decided that I could put them in water vials because the handle would be wide enough to hide the little green bottles. I taped three of them into the handle.

I had two hydrangeas to add to the bouquet. These were really important to give the bouquet width and shape. I was very worried about keeping the hydrangeas out of the water for too long. Once I added the hydrangeas, it was a rush to finish up and get the bouquet back in the water. Thankfully, my hubby was there to help. He cut and handed me stems of the greenery and held the bouquet when the handle got too big for me to hold and wrap at the same time.IMG_00217

We wrapped the handle with some soft burlap fabric and a tied on a piece of peach lace. Here is the final, very large, hand wrapped bouquet. IMG_00257I feel very blessed to be able to make something lovely with God’s wonderful creations and for a beautiful bride and her mother who would give me this opportunity.

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