Zombie Corsage Rust with Spiders

Zombie Prom Flowers

I’ve been pondering that age old question this week, “What kind of flowers do ZOMBIES wear to the PROM?” It started Sunday when I got a request through my ETSY shop from a nice guy who wanted me to make a wilted corsage for his gal to wear to a charity zombie prom. Prom? Zombies? All I could think was, How fun is that!” and my mind started smoldering with ideas for moldy corsages. The first question I asked myself was how zombie corsages are different than witch corsages, or vampire corsages or the bouquet for the Bride of Frankenstein. I looked at a few zombie photos and considered the term, ‘living dead’ and decided that a zombie corsage should look like it’s half living, half dead.

“Image courtesy of halloweenclipart.com

Hmmm. Should I use real flowers or silk? How do I make them look old, but still worthy of the PROM? I began rummaging through my supplies and went shopping to see what was out there. Rotted ribbon, gray, wilted flowers, and spiders. Of course we must use spiders. Then I will have fake spiders along with the real ones in the basement to make my skin crawl.

I started with the rotting ribbon. I saw some Halloween decorations with a fabric that must be straight from Zombie Land. It was faded and frayed and looked like it was going to fall apart. I considered buying the decorations and just taking the fabric off to use, but I decided it would be cheaper to buy fabric and try to make it look the same. I picked out a couple of soft gray fabrics, took them home, tore them into strips and frayed the edges. The next step would be to make them look old. I started with bleach, poured it straight on the fabric. Nothing. It had no effect. I washed the strips in bleach. Nada. I poured Comet on the wet strips and let them sit over night, then used them to scrub my kitchen sink. They still looked as new as when I bought them. Here they are out side in the sun. As I was pounding them with a rock I had a realization… I shouldn’t have bought $14 per yard fabric if I wanted it to wear out. Straight to the bargain section next time.

My next dilemma was whether to use real or silk flowers. I bought one wilted, yellow rose and let it dry for several day. It really has a nice decayed look about it.

I made it into a corsage, just in case my zombie friend wants a real flower, but I don’t think I will make any more to sell through Etsy. Real flowers are too risky, especially to send through the mail. They could have maggots crawling out of them by the time they got there. (I wonder if I could charge more for maggots?)

I was kind of surprised that I could find silk flowers that look like they are fading. Silk flowers are so realistic nowadays. I sprayed some flowers gray and melted some flowers so I would have a variety of blooms to try. My approach was to remember that these fine accessories are for costume parties, so I could make them a little over the top. I could add a little bling, a few spiders, and lots of tulle. Here is my first corsage:Zombie Corsage Rust  with SpidersMark said it looked too nice so I added some spiders on the ribbon. The next corsage uses the frayed fabric.

There is a huge spider under one of the rose petals on this lovely corsage.This is the real flower with real leaves and baby’s breath. I distressed the ribbon by melting it.This simple corsage comes with a complimentary spider watching over it. When I bought a mannequin hand for my GOOD corsages, it came in a set with this green one. How lucky was that. It’s perfect for my photos. I added a few scars and a little blood.Perfect corsage for your date.I think this is my favorite. It’s a spider mum, so it doesn’t need a spider. It’s pure elegance by itself.

What do you think? Would you wear any of these gorgeous flowers to your next Zombie Prom?  Besides being creepy, crazy and downright fun, I found out that the Zombie Prom is a fundraiser for  juvenile diabetes. Let’s give them a severed green hand.

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