Corsages with Detachable Clips

Prom flowers or wedding flowers that have a souvenir hair clip that can be worn after the event.

I decided that I wanted to come up with some kind of a corsage where one flower could be detached and used as a hair clip. Isn’t that a great idea. I puzzled through how it could be done and tried various things and here is my results.Here is the corsage with the clip taken off.Here is the corsage with the clip attached.And here is the clip by itself. I also love the mannequin hand I found on-line. It is so nice an subtle. It really accents the product.  I should pause and thank my sons for the cool photography box they made for me. It makes taking pictures so much fun. Here are some more of my creations.

My corsages are available through our Etsy shop. Click on any corsage and it will take you to the shop.

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