The Sweet and the Creepy

I finished two more pinatas. The spider and a pumpkin. Look at this creepy picture of the spider’s face. I really did find pictures of spiders with eyes all over their heads. GROSS!Here is the finished pinata. As I’ve mentioned before, shipping the pinatas is a problem. I made this spider so his legs can be unattached for shipping and the customer can quickly attach them. The spider even has an hourglass on it abdomen.

I really love how the pumpkin turned out. The big floppy leaves turned out just how I wanted. I made them out of twisted ribbon. That was another great find at a yard sale.Doesn’t this look like it’s just waiting to become a golden carriage.

Both pinatas are now listed in the Etsy shop. The next one to be finished will be the haunted house. Mark and I are both working on it, so stay tuned.

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