Spider Eyes

Spider: Pinata Number #18

Life keeps sidetracking me from my piñata project. But life is good, so I’m not complaining, I’m counting blessings.

I left off with number 18 of the 20 piñatas in 20 weeks challenge. The 18th piñata is a horrible black widow spider. I really don’t want to make this a cutesy spider. It should be a Halloween creepy spider. One day I decided to look up spider eyes to get an idea of how to make creepy eyes. I googled ‘spider eyes images’. I tell you I about passed out when I got the results. I double dare you to try it. Not only will you see horrible eight eyed creatures but you will also see human eyes with spiders in them! OoooOOoooOOOOOO! Happy Halloween.

Spider Pinata

Here is the almost finished spider pinata. She is made from two spheres with a connector or neck in between. It’s kind of modeled after a spider that is part of the playground equipment at Hoogle Zoo. Big arching legs will come out of the neck area. I’m going to make the legs so they can be taken off to be shipped. The person who buys it will just have to stick them on with the double stick tape that will be attached. It will have eight eyes that I will make with black paper and green glitter. I think I did a good job applying the black paper. I used black tissue paper and cut the fringe with narrow cuts. It will travel well and hold up well. I promise to finish this pinata on Monday.

Spider at Hoogle Zoo.

Piñata number 19 is the twisty Christmas tree that I’ve shown in other blogs. Piñata number 20 will be…. TA DA… the great reveal…a traditional star piñata. The star pinata is my favorite piñata. I have the base made and the next steps will be to add the cones. The problem with the star piñata will be the shipping. I either have to make it small or figure a way to let the customer attach the cones after shipping.

Don’t forget to check our Etsy page to see the finished piñatas and other items we’ve made. We’ve sold one of the 2o already.

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