20 Piñatas…Continued

As promised, here is more of the piñata list. I got as far as number eight.

Number 8: The wedding cake is done and for sale in our ETSY shop.

Number 9: Mark’s owl is almost finished. Isn’t it adorable? For some reason, I think he should be wearing tennis shoes.

Number 10: Paula’s owl. Poor thing is still in pieces on the table downstairs. Maybe it feels it can’t compete with the sunburst owl Mark is making.

Number 11: Burrito with flower basket. This is really one of my favorite piñatas. It will make you think of a Diego Rivera painting. The form is all made. Since I’m going to paint the baskets, I put the egg carton pulp on it for texture. I may even turn them into terra cotta looking flower pots instead of baskets. The big round shape coming out of the baskets will be covered with flowers and I hope they will look like bouquets.

Number 12: Christmas tree. As you can see the tree is all covered. I just need to add some ornaments and a star.

Numbers 13 and 14: Two ladybugs. I have one balloon papier mached. I planned to cut it in half and make two ladybugs, but I really want to do a cupcake, so one ladybug may go through a metamorphosis.

Number 15: The Pegasus, Unicorn Pony is done!!!! This is definitely one of a kind because I don’t think I can make another one like it. It took a very long time to decorate. I got it all done and when Mark saw the wings he asked me if it was a HORSEFLY. I like the iridescent wings, but maybe it does look more like something you would find in an enchanted forest. I think I will call it a ‘Fairy Unicorn’.  Sorry, darling granddaughter. This is no longer an Pegasus Unicorn Pony like yours, it is now a Fairy Unicorn and his home is a fairy ring.

I will list this piñata on our ETSY site as soon as he gets his portrait taken.

Number 16: Flat owl. This is a prototype for many more owl piñatas. I will be able to make these pretty fast and they will be easier and cheaper to ship. This is the front of the owl. I’m going to add some glitter, my new favorite material.

Number 17: Gingerbread House. This isn’t much to look at now, but it will be a blast to decorate. I’m going to do the shingles with pastel circles, so they look like Necco wafers.I’m going to stop here, because I want my spider piñata to have most of the page by itself. You can’t put a black widow in the same blog as a fairy unicorn.

I'm going to eat you, BLACK WIDOW.

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