Pinata Challenge..Busted!

Haha. Pinata… Busted. Nice play on words. Nope, I didn’t win the 20 Pinatas in 20 days challenge. Good thing it was just something I made up. I do think it could be an interesting reality TV show, though. Even if I didn’t meet my goal, I feel I accomplished a lot of what I wanted to do. First off, my daughter told me I should start blogging again. It had been long enough that I was afraid I wouldn’t remember how to use WordPress. So I’m glad I jumped back into in and I even learned how to do a photo like this:YUP, I’m as proud of that JPEG as I am of my piñatas.  Another reason for the challenge was to finally get myself started on making piñatas. I’ve been telling Mark for months that I was going to help him and I knew that once I got started I would have a lot of fun. We really like doing this together. Some of you may go camping for fun, or ride 4-wheelers, but me and my hunny, we like to make things. (costs less, too) I also knew that if we are going to be serious about selling our ‘folk art’ we needed to make some prototypes, figure out what works best. (Shipping piñatas is a whole other challenge.) Through the challenge we learn some new techniques and I’m excited to make start more projects.

So how did we come on in the challenge? Here’s the original list of  pinatas and our progress.

Number 1: A Mole to Whack  This guy just needs a few touch ups.

Number 2: Mark’s incredible frog. Done and listed in our Etsy shop.Number 3: Santa Head. Father Christmas has just needed a little more work and a paint job for about 10 years now. I hope to finish him this year.

Number 4: Mark’s turkey needs  a couple of drumsticks and wings, then he will be ready for the dressing.

Turkey Pinata
Numbers 5 and 6: Pumpkins. Mine will look like Cinderella’s pumpkin just before the Fairy Godmother does her magic. Mark’s will be scary, or at least not sweet and sparkly.
Number 7: Haunted House. The house is made, it just needs its spooky decorations.
There are the first seven. Twenty pinatas are a lot to write about. I will do the rest in my next blog.

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