It’s Not Easy Being Orange

Day 19 of the Pinata Challenge.

Here’s the flat owl pinata. It’s not totally done yet, but I got a good start on it today.

Look what’s growing on our tree.

Pinata Harvest

This is the pumpkin pinata getting ready for a paint job. I covered it with orange tissue paper thinking that it would help the pinata take the spray paint. Then I painted some black lines for definition. I hung it from the tree and started spraying…. and spraying. It took the whole can and still didn’t cover the newspaper. I will NOT use spray paint again. All painted pinatas will have to be done by hand. Another lesson learned. Here’s the pinata after it dried.

Pumpkin Pinata

I plan to add some glitter,a stem, big floppy leaves and vines.

Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge. I wonder how many pinatas I can do in one day.

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