Pinata Progress

Days 16 and 17.

Most of what I’ve been doing is yucky pasting, but here is a colorful photo:

Haul Out the Holly

This spring we helped make a float and we learned a lot of new things from the experience. We learned about floral sheeting which is what is used to cover the floats. This is some upcycled floral sheeting. I wanted to see how it would look on a pinata. It’s amazing. The things that look like white spots in the photo are really reflections of lights. I haven’t yet decided what kind of decorations I will put on the tree. I just know it needs to be glitzy.

Floral sheeting is one new thing I wanted to try in this challenge. Another was to come up with a better way to smooth out the surface of the pinatas we want to paint. Here’s what we’ve learn about pulp. If anyone has mastered this, I would certainly appreciate your advice.

Adventures in Pulp.

I did a little research and we decided to make the pulp with egg cartons. We ripped up egg cartons and soaked them in water for a few hours.Then we had to break up the carton, it doesn’t dissolve by itself. Mark used a blender and I used my fingers. I think the blender worked best, but it is terribly messy. After we broke down the carton, we tried making a clay using different methods. Mark tried adding flour paste and glue. That is how he did the frog. It looks nice, but was very time consuming. He had to carefully pat it on. When it was my turn, I poured off the water and added white glue. It made a runny mess because the pulp had soaked up a lot more water than I thought. We used this to cover most of the twisty tree. It had the texture of tuna fish and felt just like trying to cover something with tuna fish. It was not very effective and I just kept saying, ‘I’m not doing this again!’

Pulping a tree

We didn’t have enough pulp so I need to make more. I figured the problem with the pulp was the all the water so I got some cheese cloth. I’ve never used cheese cloth before.

Straining Pulp

It was messy and I was surprised when it actually worked.Next I added the glue. If you are going to try this at home, here is some advice. Before you start mixing, take the phone off the hook and take care of all your personal needs. You will be stuck to this project for hours.I had glue all over both hands by the time I was done. I didn’t want to wash it down the drain and it took an hours to peel it all off. Reminded me of elementary school. This time the pulp was more creamy and spread more easily. I may try this again sometime.Here’s the twisty tree after it dried. I know it has some imperfections, but it’s kind of cool to think we made that shape with newspaper, balloons and an egg carton. Now, I have to figure out how to paint it.It is totally different than what I planned. It could be a Seuss tree or a weird Halloween tree.

I just got an assignment that may take several days. I may need to put the Pinata Challenge on hold until next week.

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