It’s Not Easy Being Green

Days 14 and 15 or the piñata challenge and two piñatas are completely done! Here’s Mark’s frog:

Go ahead. Give it your best shot.

This frog is daring you to hit it. It’s so adorable.

The challenge with decorating piñatas is covering up all the newspaper. It is more difficult than you would think, especially with the ones we want to paint. It took a half a can of spray paint to cover the frog.

It's not easy being green.

The newspaper just doesn’t take paint well. I tried spray painting the wedding cake with white and you couldn’t even see where I sprayed. I ended up mixing acrylic paint and white glue together and that covered the newspaper quite well. Then I added glitter. I couldn’t believe the difference glitter makes. Here is the finished cake.

Cake Pinata

I’m so pleased with how this turned out. I love the Christine Flowers. And the paper ribbons worked out just the way I wanted. This is definitively a piñata I will do again. I know what to do now to make it even better. I should have both of these piñatas listed in our Etsy shop tomorrow.

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