Piñatas and Yard Sales. Days 11, 12 and 13

I’ve been spending most of my time decorating the cute little Pegasus unicorn. I’ve listened to a whole book on CD while I worked on it. I’m using a method that I learned from a friend from Mexico. I probably won’t use this method on any of the other piñatas because it is so time intensive, but it is my favorite method. You fold the tissue paper, crease and and then fold it back the other way to get the loops.

On my way to being adorable.

I’m still working out how to do the eyes and it needs ears, but I’ve come up with a great way to do the mane and tail. I’ve been working on this challenge ever since I started this pony. I want to make a flowing mane and tail with patterned paper, but I need the paper to curl and stay where I want it. I could use crepe paper because it curls so lovely, but I didn’t think it would look good with the tissue paper. I picked up some printed tissue paper at a yard sale that I wanted to use. The problem was how to make it stiff. I tried Mod Podge, but the paper wouldn’t hold it’s shape, plus the pattern was only on one side of the paper. I finally tried gluing the tissue paper, folding it and gluing it again. I did it several times and then I had a nice strip of mold-able paper. I twisted it around a pencil, let it dry and ‘voila’…just what I was hoping for!  I was surprised that the glue didn’t come through the paper and it didn’t stick to itself, but it didn’t. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’ve been spending too much time on the pony though, so I’m going to put it aside and work on some of the others. I still have lots of pasting to do.

Mark’s been busy. Looks like he decided to do the turkey instead of the cupcake. Go figure! Why would he choose a fluffy cupcake when he could have the challenge of making a turkey. Here’s a preview of Mr. Turkey.

Mr. Turkey.

Yards Sales
I’ve turned into a yard sale junkie. When I have a day like I did yesterday, it’s no wonder. I made some fantastic finds. Let me tell you why I go yard sale-ing before I show yesterday’s loot. I started a Etsy vintage and supply shop, so I mainly look for crafty stuff to sell, like patterns, needlecraft books and supplies. I also look for supplies for my projects. So many people start crafts, buy the supplies, and then move on to another craft. I know that’s what I’ve done. Then we sell the supplies at a yard sale or take it to a thrift store. I’ve found lots of things I will be using on the piñatas at yard sales, like the purple paper for the pegasus pony. (I may try a little alliteration as well.)

A week or so ago, I told Mark that I wanted to get some paper doilies for the wedding cake piñata. I said, “I’ll just wait and get them at a yard sale.” Same thing with a paper punch. I was looking at one that make circles at Hobby Lobby. I told Mark I wanted to get one to make circles for the roof of the gingerbread house, but they cost quite a bit, so I said. “I’ll look for one at yard sales.”  So, what did I find yesterday…. paper doilies for free and paper punches.

A successful yard sale day

Can you believe that horse? I love it. I’ve really gotten better at only getting things for our business, but I had to have that horse. He will decorate my house, but don’t be surprised if he turns up in some of my photography.

I didn’t just get one punch, I got all of these for about $15. Here’s all the shapes I can make.These will make great gingerbread house decorations and I will probably use some shapes for feathers on the flat owl. And as a bonus I got these animal rummy cards. Do these bring back memories to anyone. The Wooly Lamb was always my favorite.

Animal Rummy

I think I am going to use them to make greeting cards or thank you notes.

Today is going to be a ‘Pinata Day’. I’m going to work on a new method we are going to use to smooth out the surface of the pinatas so we can paint them. I hope to post again tonight.

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