A Little Behind in My Work

What did the butcher say when he backed into his meat grinder?  Well, I got a little behind in my work also. Remember the donkey and unicorn pony? Look at their behinds. They are way too flat. So I decided to give them a little bum..p.

In need of a lift.

Here they are after some reconstruction.

Rump Lifts

These guys are almost ready to be decorated. The little things that look like wings on the unicorn will be used to attach the actual wings. I did think ahead on that, but I’ve forgotten to add something to hang them with. That’s always the boring part. I usually forget about getting them ready to hang and the I have to go back and do it. We also have to make a trap door for the candy. So mostly I’ve been working on the final pasting. I will start decorating at the end of the week. I have to take a day off tomorrow because I will be visiting with my mother. Next blog, I hope to have some colorful pinatas to show you.

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