Piñata Daze 8 and 9

Daze is right. We spent so many hours working on piñatas these last two days that we feel like we are dazed. I mixed up two quarts of paste last night and we used it all. It was actually very nice to be able to spend so much time together making creations and we are making such progress.

Here is our first, almost finished piñata.

A Mole to Whack

This guy just needs a few touch-ups and he will be finished. I expected Mark’s mole to turn out ugly like the pictures we’ve seen, but he’s kind of cute. I guess it will be up to me to make an ugly piñata. I’m making a spider it will be really scary. It’s already giving me the willies and I just started it today.

Another Owl
I wanted to try and new way to make piñatas so they will be easier to ship. Here’s my first attempt. I’m calling these kind of piñata, flat piñatas until I come up with a better name.  This will be an owl. I cut out two identical owl shapes and joined them together with corrugated paper. It’s a very simple shape, which is okay because I plan to really go way out on the decorations. This owl will have lots of personality.
Owl Pinata

The corrugated paper is something new we’ve never tried before. I love it. it’s so easy to use to shape things. Here is a gingerbread house I put together using the same method.

Gingerbread house in the works

So there are three new piñatas to add to the list. A spider, gingerbread house and another owl. Here’s a fun idea we’ve been thinking about and finally put it together this afternoon. We wanted an skinny, twisty Christmas tree. We used the type of balloons that clowns use to make animals. It took both of us to put this together.

Twisty Tree Before the Paste
Pasted Twisty Tree

Here is Mark’s Owl Pinata. I think he will win the best owl pinata with this entry. We will have three owl pinatas. We are both doing a three dimensional owl and I am doing the flat owl. There will be feathers everywhere.

Owl Pinata

So here is today’s count.

  1. Mole
  2. Frog
  3. Santa Head
  4. Turkey or Cupcake
  5. Pumpkin
  6. ‘nther Pumpkin
  7. Haunted House
  8. Wedding Cake
  9. Mark’s Owl
  10. Paula’s Owl
  11. Burrito with flower basket
  12. Christmas tree
  13. Orange ladybug
  14. Red ladybug
  15. Pegasus, unicorn
  16. Flat owl
  17. Gingerbread house
  18. Spider
  19. Twisty Christmas tree.
  20. What will number twenty be?  I know, but I’m not telling yet.

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