Piñata Challenge Day 6 and 7

Is someone messing around with time? So many fun things to do, so little time.

The last two days of the piñata challenge has been spent mainly in preparation. You can’t see a lot of progress looking at the piñatas, but we’ve been busy getting ready to decorate and put together the last five piñatas.  The latest addition to the 20 piñata list will be a cupcake. If you look close, can you see a cupcake in this picture?

A swirl of icing, sprinkles will follow.

We use several types of paper to decorate the piñatas, tissue, crepe, construction and card stock. I also like twisted paper ribbon which is no longer available in the stores. I’m trying to find some on-line. We also have some leftover floral sheeting I’m going to try. Floral sheeting is what is use on floats. I’m excited to try something new for the flowers on the wedding cake. My daughter-in-law, Christine taught me how to make paper roses. I found some paper with a different color on each side and made my first roses. Here they are. I think they are darling. ( kind of like Christine)

Pretty enough to eat

Wedding Cake Form

The cake form worked!! At first we didn’t think we would be able to get the form and the papier mache cake apart, but with lots of pulling and twisting we succeeded. Here is the future piñata and the form.

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