20 Piñatas in 20 Days – Day

Day 2 in the piñata challenge. Our first setback.

I forgot that I couldn’t put the covered balloons directly in the sun. I set our pumpkin piñata outside to dry, went back inside and 5 minutes later I hear an explosion. It made a lot of noise for a balloon. Not wanting to let the work go to waste, Mark blew up a new balloon inside the crumpled shell and added more paste. Whew!

Burst pinata

Wedding cake

I think a wedding cake piñata would be fun for a shower. I can make some pretty impressive paper flowers, so I think I can turn out some beautiful cakes that can also be used as centerpieces or piñatas. Maybe I can even make them in the bride’s colors. My problem is that if I want to make lots of cakes, I need to have a way to form the piñata base quickly and have it look good. I decided I needed some kind of a form or mold. I made several trips to the DI to find old bowls that I could stack up to look like a cake. I attached them together, and here is my first attempt.

This will be a fine looking cake pinata...knock on wood.

This is the first time I’ve ever tried making pinatas with a form. If it works, it may be the start of something exciting. I’m think I can make a mold of a face and make princess piñatas. I could even use this form. It looks like a gown. It just needs a head.

Haunted House

Here’s the beginnings of the haunted house.

House haunted by empty calories


So you may wonder why a couple of gringos with Swedish names like to make piñatas. It started when our kids were in school and I was serving on the PTA. My assignment was to do a display case each month with the theme. The theme was…Ephraim Kids Care. Mark decided to help me by making a papier mache yellow Care Bear. He made several things after that, including a 3 ft high troll for the Scandinavian Festival in Ephraim. Later, I helped start the Piñata Festival in Ephraim. That’s a whole other story.

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